Ridge Merino Launches: Offers Premium-Performance, Low-Cost Merino Wool Clothing and Accessories

Ridge Merino Launches: Offers Premium-Performance, Low-Cost Merino Wool Clothing and Accessories




January 28, 2015 -- Ridge Merino today announced the launch of its winter 2015 line of Merino wool baselayers and eco-friendly accessories. Ridge Merino sells its products exclusively online, direct to the customer, at prices up to 30-50% less than leading brands.

“Our goal is to offer premium performance outdoor apparel at the lowest price anywhere,” said Ridge Merino Founder Jeff Russell.

While developing technical apparel for a winter sports brand for more than 10 years, Russell noticed a recurring theme with professional athletes: they required a Merino wool baselayer under their clothing to stay warm and comfortable during long days outside, often in harsh weather conditions. Even with this trusted endorsement for the fabric, he noted that people have been slow to adopt Merino as part of their layering system due to the traditionally high price.

“This inspired us to rethink and challenge a few things about Merino: the way it’s sold, but more importantly, why does it have to be so expensive?” Russell said. “We wanted to provide a more affordable Merino wool option, giving anyone who wants – or needs – to be outside in cool weather the opportunity to realize its amazing benefits.”

He explained that Ridge Merino’s direct sales model allows them to focus on the details of great fit, function and design without the operational overhead or retail mark-up associated with other brands.

In addition to men’s and women’s Woolmark-certified 100% Merino wool baselayers starting at $49.99, the company also offers several eco-friendly accessories priced less than $20.

About Merino Wool

Merino wool is the gold standard in terms of athletic performance apparel – noted for its breathability, warmth and comfort. The complicated structure of Merino wool regulates body temperature by absorbing and wicking moisture away from the skin and the fibers trap air to insulate more efficiently. This natural “climate control” means Ridge baselayers insulate when it’s cold and let heat escape when temperatures rise. Also, its antimicrobial qualities resist the growth of bacteria that cause body odor, allowing the wearer to feel fresher longer. All this occurs naturally, without the use of chemicals. Wool is an entirely natural, renewable and biodegradable fiber. Unlike the coarse, scratchy feel of traditional wool, Merino sheep produce much smoother and finer fiber. The finer the wool, the softer it feels against your skin, like a very soft cotton. Ridge Merino premium wool comes from sheep raised on the natural grasslands of Australia and is sourced from responsible Merino sheep farms.

About Ridge Merino

Ridge Merino develops the highest quality premium Merino wool outdoor apparel and accessories that perform as well in daily life as they do in the most rigorous outdoor conditions. Designed and tested in Mammoth Lakes, Calif., Ridge was created by a ski industry veteran with extensive experience developing technical apparel for professional athletes and outdoor enthusiasts who demand the very best. Ridge sells direct, cutting out the middleman, to provide top-quality products at a price everyone, not just professional athletes, can afford. Ridge Merino is a proud member of the organization 1% For the Planet, a global movement of companies donating at least 1% of annual sales to sustainability initiatives. For more information, visit www.ridgemerino.com


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