Become a Ridge Brand Ambassador

Thank you for your interest in the Ridge Merino Brand Ambassador Program! We are excited that you are interested in joining us in our goal of positively representing Ridge. Note this is a volunteer position. There is no monetary compensation. There is no mandatory time commitment. In exchange for complimentary apparel and accessories, to be considered as a Ridge Brand Ambassador, you must agree to the following.

  • You will utilize Ridge Merino product(s) and capture footage (video/photos) of the product(s) during outdoor activities or indoors, as appropriate, to best represent the utility of the products and positively highlight the brand and the company’s message.
  • You will share those assets (videos/photos) on social media and grant Ridge Merino the right to use those assets free of charge, upon request.
  • To be considered as an Ambassador, you must have an established Instagram account and must include a minimum of five positive posts per month where Ridge is tagged and mentioned in the description or comments of your posts using #RidgeMerino and/or @Ridge_Merino.
  • You agree to consistently like, comment on and/or share/repost Ridge activity on all relevant social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Periscope, Snapchat, or your own personal web page or blog.
  • You agree to encourage others to like, comment on and/or share/repost Ridge activity.
  • You agree to highlight your Ambassador position with Ridge by 1) adding Ridge Merino to your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and any other applicable social media profiles and 2) agree to add the Ridge logo to your personal web sites and/or blogs. 
  • You agree to sign up for the Ridge Merino newsletter and encourage others to sign up at
  • Individual promo codes for your followers are available and determined on a case-by-case basis.

To continue applying for the Ridge Brand Ambassador Program, please complete the following. 


Yes, I would like to be considered for the Ridge Brand Ambassador Program.










Why would you be a great Ridge Brand Ambassador?




Tell us about your social media activity: 


Screen Name(s)

Number of Followers










Other (Blog, Snapchat, Periscope)




During what activity(ies) or events will you wear Ridge products?




Ridge products requested:

















I understand that completing this form is required for consideration for the program and does not guarantee my acceptance into the program. By signing below, I agree to the aforementioned terms and conditions. If accepted, I will immediately begin fulfilling my obligations as a Ridge Merino Brand Ambassador upon receipt of the products. When representing Ridge Merino, I understand that inappropriate language, gender or racially based remarks, or other communications that are offensive in nature are not permitted and are grounds for immediate dismissal from the program. I also understand that comments that are false, misleading, or disparaging regarding Ridge or any other company or product are not permitted and are grounds for dismissal from the program.


Name                                                                                                    Date                        


Fax completed form to 310.697.3550 or email to with the subject “Ridge Brand Ambassador Program.”

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