We're All About That Base

We're All About That Base

Let's talk about fit.

Besides being incredibly soft, the men's' and women's Ridge Inversion baselayer bottoms are flattering and also retain their shape. When speaking about the comfort and fit, one female Ridge Ambassador compared them to "LuluLemon of long johns." (We'll take it.)

Both the men's and women's Inversion baselayer tops are fitted with some relaxed touches. (Quite a departure from the skin-tight design you’re probably used to.) They are also longer and feature thumbholes in the sleeves, to keep everything in place. This means the tops work well under a midlayer, and of course the superfine merino wool feels awesome against your skin. The bonus? When you peel off your top layers, you can wear the base on its own as a flattering crew.

We know some people prefer rockin' the painted-on synthetic Tron™ look during après-ski. And for those people we admit: Ridge probably isn't for you.

When's the last time you updated your baselayers? Maybe it's time. 

Don’t be this guy.


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