We choose our materials intentionally.

We strongly believe in natural fibers, and we seek out the best possible materials and fabric technologies. Sustainability is a key part of our promise to you. We use as much Merino wool as possible, and we use all natural, renewable, biodegradable fabric and materials whenever possible.

We're always looking for new fabric innovations we can use to make our Merino wool clothing even better. We use synthetic materials sparingly and thoughtfully to boost the performance of some of our products and help them last longer. Creating longer-lasting products is one way we tread more lightly on the planet. Everything we make is free of harmful chemicals, meaning it's good for you and for the environment.


Merino Wool

Most of our products are made mostly or entirely of Merino wool: a natural, renewable and biodegradable fiber produced from the Merino breed of sheep. The sheep eat grass, drink water and take in the sunshine — all essential ingredients to creating soft, comfortable Merino wool fibers. We only use wool from non-mulesed sheep, and 100% of our wool is sustainably sourced from certified humane sheep farmers in Australia and New Zealand.

Merino wool is naturally odor resistant, moisture wicking, breathable, temperature regulating, sun protective and quick drying. Merino wool fibers are super soft next to skin.


(m)Force Technology

Many of our products feature our exclusive (m)Force™ Nylon Core Technology. Super soft Merino wool is next to skin for unmatched comfort and performance, and it's wrapped around a continuous nylon filament for improved strength. The result is a fabric that holds its shape, dries faster and lasts longer than 100% Merino wool at similar weights.

Our (m)Force fabrics have all the technical benefits of 100% Merino wool with the enhanced durability typically associated with synthetics. In our newest products, the nylon filament we're using is recycled, making it even more sustainable to produce. (m)Force is used in many of our products, including our Aspect Collection.



The smooth, silky fibers of TENCEL™ Lyocell are softer than silk and cooler than linen, offering a great complement to Merino wool's natural temperature regulation and technical performance. Both Merino and Tencel are more absorbent than cotton and boast antibacterial properties that reduce odor retention in the fabric.

Keeping in line with our commitment to incorporate natural, sustainable fabric and practices, Tencel is a great addition to the Ridge product line. It’s made from renewable wood pulp in an award-winning ecological, closed loop process, which means there’s very little byproduct from the production and less land and water are used.


Polartec Power Wool

Polartec® Power Wool™ is a patented bi-component knit fabric that combines the best of both natural and synthetic fibers. This construction pairs soft and odor-reducing Merino wool on the interior in an open grid pattern with a lightweight polyester exterior that is durable and quick-drying.

The grid construction strengthens performance efficiency by increasing warmth and breathability while reducing fabric mass, meaning it's light and packs down super small.

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Men's Convict Canyon
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Axio™ is a patented Japanese yarn spinning technique that spins a polyester filament in a spiral inside soft Merino wool to make the wool stronger and lighter. This results in a more durable, higher performing fabric while keeping the Merino wool content high. Because it’s still largely Merino wool, our Pursuit collection is still extremely comfortable and odor resistant. It’s also resistant to pilling, less worn out after washes, and less likely to shrink.

  • More than twice the burst strength (kpa) of 100% Merino wool (JIS L 1096 method A)
  • Twice the abrasion strength of 100% Merino wool (JIS L 1096 method E - Martindale)
  • Anti-pilling, less worn out after many washes (Grade 5/5 - JIS L 1076 A ICI Type method)
  • More stretchable than 100% Merino wool
  • Better washability with less shrinkage compared to 100% Merino Wool

Cordura Combat Wool

CORDURA® Combat Wool combines the comfort and aesthetics of wool with the durability of nylon to offer engineered endurance performance.

Combat Wool is created using INVISTA nylon 6.6 staple fiber intimately blended with Merino wool for an authentic wool look and feel with enhanced abrasion resistance and toughness. It keeps the wool content high, creates a lightweight product and still gives an authentic wool look.

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Lightweight Button Down Shirt
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When you check out fabric details on product pages you'll see small amounts of nylon, polyester and spandex listed on certain products. Why don't we use 100% Merino wool in all of our products?

We create premium Merino wool apparel that holds up as well in daily life as it does in the wildest outdoor conditions. To achieve ultimate performance, we use materials that keep the Merino wool content incredibly high while offering better performance, durability and stretch. We're constantly on the lookout for ways to reduce the amount of synthetics and we use recycled versions whenever possible.

If you have any questions about our materials, we'd love to hear from you.