Let's Go! The Send-It Sports Bra is your new workout essential
Let's Go! The Send-It Sports Bra is your new workout essential

October 27, 2022

After years of design, development and testing - it's finally here: the Ridge Merino Send-It Seamless Sports Bra.

Outside Magazine calls it, "... one of the most comfortable sports bras we've ever encountered," in their 2023 Buyer's Guide, Best Women's Workout Gear round-up. 

merino sports bra

What took so long?

The desire to build a better sports bra has always been a top priority, but it took some time to get it just right. It had to be supportive, it needed to stay in place, it needed to be breathable (a Merino speciality) and, most importantly, it had to be comfortable. We worked closely with our athletes to nail the fit; we experimented with different natural and recycled fabrics; explored new, innovative knitting techniques; and adjusted the level of compression along the way. When we finally landed on a design, we began testing, and testing... and testing some more. To say we put this product through its paces might be the understatement of the last four years.

What makes it so special?

We started with soft, sustainable Merino wool and added recycled nylon + spandex for increased durability and just the right amount of support. The natural Merino fibers next to skin provide breathable, sweat-wicking, all-day comfort. No seams mean no rubbing or chafing, and the racerback cut stays put while allowing total freedom of movement. It's also super quick to dry and doesn't smell, even after many days of wear. (= Less laundry!)

"And man, is this bra sweat-wicking; one of our testers wore it long after a workout (more than once) and it dried so quickly she forgot she hadn’t changed—it felt like a fresh bra again. Another huge pro: It doesn’t get stinky like many synthetic sports bras do, so you can wear it more times before washing." - Outside Magazine

Who should buy this?

Designed for medium-high activity for smaller chests and medium-impact activity for larger chests, this must-have workout essential is here for all the warm ups or when you want to go full send on the mountain, the trail or in the gym. (It's so comfortable, you may want to wear it on your recovery days, too.)

sports bra for running
Designed with the help of our partner athletes: skiers, snowboarders, runners, yogis, climbers and MTBers. From the backcountry to the ski slopes, the desert to the beach; we tested this bra in all types of weather and challenging situations. 
Seamless = super comfortable. The Send-It Merino Sports Bra is constructed using a seamless machine, which allows us to use different types of knitting to enhance the function without restrictive (annoying) seams. We used knits on the bottom band and side for more stretch, a mesh knit on the back for more airflow and a supportive jersey knit for the cup.  
   The Send-It Sports Bra is made from natural and recycled materials, including biodegradable Merino and eco-friendly Sensil® EcoCare Recycled Nylon. The nylon is made from pre-consumer waste and produced through a highly efficient recycling process that drastically reduces CO2 energy and water consumption.   

The Send-It Seamless Merino Bra's racerback design stays put and enables max movement. Available in two colors: Black and Wine. Get yours here.  

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October 18, 2022

This just in! We are beyond stoked to have not one, not two, but THREE Ridge Merino wool products featured in Outside Magazine's 2023 Winter Buyer's Guide.

1. The Best Women’s Workout Gear of 2023: the ALL NEW Women's Send-It Merino Sports Bra

merino sports bra

The Send-It Merino Bra features the "Five S's":
- Soft Merino next to skin
- Stable support
- Seamless construction
- Sweat wicking
- Stink free
According to Outside, it's "one of the most comfortable sports bras we’ve ever encountered..." with "...just the right amount of compression for high-to-medium-impact workouts for small and moderately sized chests, and good support for medium-impact activities for those with larger chests."
"And man, is this bra sweat-wicking; one of our testers wore it long after a workout (more than once) and it dried so quickly she forgot she hadn’t changed—it felt like a fresh bra again. Another huge pro: It doesn’t get stinky like many synthetic sports bras do, so you can wear it more times before washing."


2. The Best Men’s Workwear of 2023: Men's Hyde Merino Jogger

men's merino wool hyde jogger

The Hyde Merino Joggers are not your average sweatpants. Sure, they are crazy comfortable and cozy, but they are cut in a premium fit and designed with upgraded features like zippered hand pockets and recycled drawcords. However, what really separates it from the pack is the 100% Merino Wool Terry Knit fabric.
"These 100-percent merino wool pants pull triple duty as joggers, long underwear, and pajamas—key when packing space for a work trip is at a premium. The merino has just enough stretch for exercise , but the cut is slim enough to wear under other layers on days that drop as low as the negative twenties. One tester lived in these for three weeks during late winter in Alaska’s interior under work pants, out to town, and for workouts. The results? The pants were warm, comfortable, scent-free, and sensible for traveling to a cold climate for work."
3. The Best Men’s Baselayers of 2023: the Merino Convict Canyon Base Layer Jogger
 convict canyon merino jogger
The Convict Hybrid Baselayer Jogger is all about versatility.  It’s cut to look great as a slim jogger that can stand alone on a run, working out or just hanging around your home, or work as an incredible a baselayer under ski pants.
"Multi-use gear often does many things, but does them poorly. The Convict Canyon Joggers proved to be an exception: they’re cut just-so to function well as both a baselayer and as lightweight sweats, and are built from a material that excels in a wide range of temperatures."
"Our pickiest tester—the manager and buyer at an Ashland, Oregon running shop—bestowed his greatest praise on these hybrids. “They are the perfect pants,” he said. “I was literally able to wear them for seven days straight across a multitude of occasions.” He wasn’t the only one. Testers used them under ski pants all in all conditions—from 28-degree lift-accessed skiing to 45-degree fitness skinning sessions."

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Is Merino Wool Worth the Cost?
Is Merino Wool Worth the Cost?

September 28, 2022

By now you've done a bit of research and know a thing or two about Merino wool. But you may still be wondering, is Merino wool worth the higher cost?  

First of all - what exactly is Merino wool?

Merino wool is a natural fiber that comes from the Merino breed of sheep. This super fine wool has many benefits and is constantly in demand, mostly for high fashion and sportswear, due to its amazing technical performance benefits that occur naturally, without the use of chemicals or additives.

"Australian Merino wool is the world’s finest and softest wool in the world. Its natural benefits are so great that no other fiber - natural or man-made - can match it... - nothing else feels like Merino wool, looks like Merino wool, or wears like Merino wool." - Woolmark Corp. 

merino wool fibers

Super fine, soft wool fibers on a Merino sheep. Photo: Woolmark


Why does Merino wool cost more than clothing made from other materials? 

A couple of reasons:

1. Natural fibers - as opposed to those made from oil, aka plastic (we're looking at you polyester) - cost more. Because it's sheep's fur we're talking about, it obviously takes time to grow. What's more, there are a limited number of Merino sheep in the world, with the majority living their best grazing-in-the-sunshine life in Australia and New Zealand. 

merino sheep

Happy wool comes from happy sheep. Photo: Woolmark

2. Merino fibers are very fine, therefore, it takes about twice as much to make a garment of comparable weight using a coarser, traditional wool. Once the hairs are long enough, the thick fleece is shorn and prepared for use. Regular shearing is necessary as it helps the animal by relieving unnecessary weight, keeping them cool, maintaining hygiene and allows the natural growing process to start all over again. 

"As long as there are sheep, shearing must be practiced for the health and hygiene of each individual animal." - American Society of Animal Science Board of Directors

3. In addition, caring for the animals takes great time and care. Ridge only works with Merino farmers who practice ethical, responsible and sustainable farm management. In addition, we partner with factories in the U.S. and abroad that engage in the highest form of workers' rights and safety. All of this care and quality throughout the supply chain comes at a higher price. (But really, would you want it any other way?)

merino sheep farmer

An Australian Merino sheep farmer starts his day, seen here in the Ridge Morrison Flannel. Photo: Woolmark "Feel Merino" Campaign.  


What's so special about Merino?

Now... more on those super fine fibers mentioned above. Merino is soft, providing next-to-body comfort, like a second skin. The fibers breathe, to regulate your core temperature, provide warmth, wick moisture to prevent clamminess; and are naturally antimicrobial - neutralizing the bacteria that cause body odor, which make you stink. (Again, looking at you polyester...) 

In addition to all the benefits listed above, Merino requires less washing and ultimately will biodegrade, breaking down naturally and returning to the soil instead of ending up in a landfill. 

So yes, quality Merino wool clothing costs more. But, it's worth the investment and peace of mind knowing that you're doing good for yourself and the planet. 

“It is expensive, but I really feel that merino is one of nature’s great wonder fibers – it looks good, works hard and lasts a long time.” - VeloMe

merino sweater

The final product: Ridge women's 100% Merino Wool Crew Neck Sweater.

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