Built For Adventure

At Ridge Merino we create simple, everyday apparel with the mettle to weather expeditions, insulate adventures and soften the daily grind. Our base layers are no excpetion when it comes to technical apparel you can rely on. Whether you're climbing Mt Whitney or skiing the resort, our Merino base layers will move with you.

Discover Merino Wool

Our men's Merino wool base layers are the perfect foundation for outdoor activity when the temps dip. We offer the Aspect Midweight Merino wool Base Layer that is warm yet versatile, and the 100% Merino wool Inversion Heavyweight for the coldest winter weather.

(m)Force™ Technology

Our Aspect Midweight Merino Wool Base Layers feature our exclusive (m)Force™ Nylon Core Technology. We engineered super-soft Merino next to skin to achieve unmatched comfort and performance and wrapped it around a continuous nylon filament for improved strength. The result is a fabric that holds it shape, dries faster and lasts longer than 100% Merino at similar weights. This means our (m)Force fabrics have all the technical benefits of 100% Merino wool with the enhanced durability typically associated with synthetics.  

Merino Wool Fabric

In addition to being a natural, renewable, and biodegradable fiber, Merino wool offers unparalleled comfort and versatility resulting in the best base layers available. Merino wool regulates body temperature by releasing heat and keeping sweat away from your skin. It is also naturally antimicrobial, repelling bacteria that cause body odor, to stave off stink. Our Inversion Heavyweight base layers are 100% Merino wool.


I love the wool base layer long sleeve shirt. Super comfortable, stays warm but allows breathability. Fits true to size and nice and long so it doesn’t come untucked. Great for the mountain and everyday use.

Taylor M. - Men's Aspect Midweight Base Layer Long Sleeve


Last winter I took a 3-day trip to Iceland to photograph it's most iconic locations in the winter. I got myself this layer right before the trip and I'm so glad I did. Out of all of my clothing packed, this is the layer that never came off. Comfy, soft cozy and fits really nice (even with my thunder thighs). It is susceptible to tearing if you catch it on anything remotely edged. Other than that I highly recommend. It performs well when wet, dries quickly and doesn't smell which is a huge plus for multi-day trips without showering. Another winner Ridge!

Josh W. - Men's Inversion Heavyweight Base Layer Bottoms