Sun Protective Clothing

Sun protective clothing is a must for long adventures - whether it's hot outside or not. Our collection of men's and women's sun protection shirts, hoodies, and other merino wool clothing offers the ability to look and feel great while protecting yourself from the sun. Choose from varying UPF ratings, as well as an array of styles that will make you want to get out and explore.


When you don't want to worry about getting a sunburn, Ridge Merino comes through.

Our collection of sun protection lightweight jackets, shirts, and more offer an alternative

to traditional sunscreen that is more effective at high altitudes. So take your hiking

to the next level while keeping your skin safe, and look good doing it with Ridge Merino!





Merino Wool Fabric

Merino Wool Technology You'll Love

Many Ridge Merino products feature our (m)Force™ Technology, which results in a fabric that dries faster and lasts longer than 100% merino wool. The (m)Force™ Technology also helps the fabric recover properly without stretching out over time and use. Whether you need sun protection clothing for fishing, backpacking, or kayaking, (m)Force™ Technology truly augments the performance of merino wool.

We love our Merino wool. On top of being natural, renewable, and biodegradable, Merino wool wicks moisture and is antimicrobial. Thanks to our premium Merino wool, accessories have never provided so much comfort and breathability.

Merino Wool Softness

Merino Wool That is Certified to Protect

Merino wool is different from traditional wool for a few reasons, one being that merino wool is the most flame-resistant of any type of natural fabric. So whether you're close to the campfire, or you're at high altitude on a sunny day, our merino wool is protecting you.

Merino wool offers a buttery softness unmatched by other types of wool. Merino fibers are very fine and don't have the scratchy feel many people associate with wool garments.

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Featuring UPF 50+ certified sun protection and discreet thumb holes, you'd be hard-pressed to find more sun protection women's clothing that feels this good. Breathable and odor-resistant, the Women's Heist Merino Wool Hoodie checks all the boxes you need for any backpacking adventure.

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This men's long sleeve sun protection shirt is cut long so it stays tucked in, and it features (m)Force Technology so you get the best feel possible no matter the elements you're in. Stay warm, dry, and comfortable while keeping your skin safe from the sun with this UPF 50+ certified long sleeve merino wool shirt.



When you purchase any piece of Merino wool (women's, men's or kid's) clothing, a percentage will be donated to 1% For the Planet.