Caring for Ridge

Caring for Your Ridge Garment Is Easy. 

When your Ridge Merino wool products are ready to be cleaned, simply throw them in the washing machine, wash with normal detergent, and line dry in shade. (Don't worry, Merino dries quickly.)

*Please note the Morrison Flannel is an exception and is dry clean only due to the nature of the Italian woven fabric. 

Need more information? Below are details on how to care for your Ridge Merino wool products: 



       Machine Wash Warm (40° C)

    • Wash with like colors together (separate lights and darks)
    • Use regular detergent
    • Do not use hot water - cool water is recommended


       Line Dry in shade (Recommended)


       Tumble Dry Low

We recommend line drying, despite Ridge performing well in the dryer, to enhance the longevity of the Ridge clothing you love.  Ultra-fine Merino garments can be damaged by zippers or heavy trims on other items in the dryer. If you tumble dry, use the low temperature setting and dry your Ridge Merino separately or with like garments to avoid any unwanted wear and tear.  Some shrinkage should be expected if tumble dried. 


        Do not use Bleach  

    • Never!  Do not use Bleach.

Fabric Softener

    • Do not use Fabric Softener.


       Iron on "Wool" setting (or max 150° C)

    • Iron on "Wool" setting (or max 150° C)
    • Do not iron on prints or labels

Dry Clean

   Professional Dry Cleaning

    • Professional Dry Cleaning is totally fine if that's the way you roll. 


Our fabrics are certified by The Woolmark Company and their Apparel Care Program.  For even more detailed care information, you can reference their care guide here.


Additional Care Info:

Ridge's Removable Labels
Ridge Merino products are designed to be comfortable against your skin, so any tags in the garments are removable – simply tear them out if you don’t want them. If you choose to rip them out, please note the care instructions or reference if you forget.
Lightweight Fabric Care
Lighter wool fabrics may take a little longer to shed their creases. Remove wrinkles by ironing with a damp cloth or steam iron on a warm iron/dot 2 setting.
Pilling is a natural process with Merino fabric. Basically, the shorter fibers in the wool will begin to work their way to the surface of the fabric. Although the fabric will improve over time as it's washed, gradually removing these fibers, it's recommended washing with a heavy fabric like a pair of jeans from time to time to help remove these shorter fibers. Just make sure any zippers that could cause damage are closed and don't come into contact with the Merino wool fabric.