Our kids' Merino wool clothing will keep your grom happy and comfortable no matter the activity. Choose from 100% Merino wool Inversion base layers, sun hoodies with built-in sun protection, or a variety of accessories.

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a child wears a Ridge Merino base layer set walking on a snowy road

For The Groms

Our Inversion Merino Wool base layers feature all-natural 100% Merino wool for all-day comfort. They're super cozy and stink-free, plus they make the perfect PJs... one less thing to think about as they get up and do it all again the next day.


Merino Wool Benefits

Whether your little one is charging down the hill or just needs an extra layer of sun protection, our soft and warm Merino wool base layers, sun hoodies and accessories are the key to keeping kids comfy during outdoor play.

a girl plays in the snow wearing a Ridge Merino base layer

Merino Wool Softness

Merino wool's buttery softness is unmatched by other types of wool. Merino fibers are fine and don't have the scratchy feel many people associate with wool garments. On top of being natural, renewable, and biodegradable, Merino wool wicks moisture and is antimicrobial, which reduces stink and means less laundry. It's also lightweight and easy to pack.