Softer than silk and cooler than linen, Tencel’s natural fibers are the perfect complement to Merino wool for hot, humid weather. Our Natural Collection is made for summer – Tencel naturally wicks moisture to keep you cool wherever the day takes you.

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A woman goes for a trail run in the Mammoth Lakes Basin wearing a Ridge Natural Tank

Fabric That Keeps You Cool

Both Merino wool and Tencel wick moisture, breathe well and regulate body temperature, so together they’re a powerhouse for hot summer days. Tencel absorbs more moisture than Merino wool, which creates a natural cooling effect that keeps you comfortable even on your sweatiest days. Everything in our Natural Tencel Collection is lightweight, including our sweatshirts and joggers.

a close up of a woman wearing the Ridge Natural Merino Tencel Hoodie showing the zippered pockets and long sleeves with thumbholes

Renewable & Biodegradable

Our Merino + Tencel blend is a natural, chemical-free, biodegradable fabric that feels great on your skin. Tencel is made from renewable raw material wood sourced from sustainable forests in an award-winning, ecological, closed loop process that you can feel good about. Explore our materials.

A man smiles beside an alpine lake wearing a Ridge Natural Tencel Tee and sunglasses

Merino Made Better for Summer

Our other Merino wool tees for men and for women are great for summer too, but the addition of Tencel takes Merino wool to a new level. We introduced this fabric blend after testing it all summer and seeing how cool and comfortable it kept us, and then we found we liked it so much we kept wearing it year-round.