Life on the Ridge: Five Questions for Elise Sterck (@roundtheworldgirl)

Life on the Ridge: Five Questions for Elise Sterck (@roundtheworldgirl)
At 25, Elise Sterck has accomplished more than most people her age. After recently graduating from the University of Wyoming with two degrees - one in Geographic Information Systems and one in Environment and Natural Resources - she’s since been a helicopter pilot, competitive sailor, world traveler and all-around outdoor bad-ass.

We first stumbled upon Elise about two years ago when she had around 30,000 followers on Instagram. She was constantly getting after it: hiking in Moab, whitewater rafting in the Grand Canyon and of course skiing or backpacking in the Colorado backcountry - often solo… and almost always with really great hair. We were especially impressed with her burning desire to find adventure during the winter of 2014/15 - a season that was painfully devoid of snow (for those of us on the West Coast). 

Fast-forward to present day. Elise has amassed nearly 250,000 followers on Instagram. The meteoric growth of her account - @roundtheworldgirl - is a testament to a fascinating life told through a series of photographs, beautifully shot; framed by the natural environment and some truly awe-inspiring, often hard-to-access surroundings. Her images include highlights of her adventures throughout the PNW, Iceland, Hawaii and the Middle East, to name a few. Her gallery provides a glimpse into her always-outdoors, active lifestyle that has inspired many to get out and explore (and many others to try and emulate her experiences).

As one early follower commented, “I really love your pictures! They make me just want to go outside and travel forever.” 

We couldn’t agree more.
1. RM: In your photos, you’re seen hiking, climbing, skiing, camping and flying helicopters. What is your favorite outdoor activity and why?

ES: I love backcountry skiing. Having to carry yourself and your skis up the mountain before getting to ski down makes the run far more rewarding than doing chairlift runs at a resort!

2. RM: What’s your most adventurous or harrowing experience on or off the trail?

ES: I've had two mountain lion encounters. (Though I'm sure more mountain lions have seen me than I would like to know!)  Both times the cat chose to run the other way, but it was still humbling and terrifying to encounter an animal so closely that you know could effortlessly take your life if it wanted to.

3. RM: What outdoor organizations or initiatives are you most passionate about? 

ES: I tend to get most passionate about organizations and initiatives that aim to preserve and protect the environment in some way. Right now, efforts are being made to develop a portion of the Grand Canyon by building a gondola to the bottom where there will be a restaurant, resort/spa, boardwalks, etc. People can get involved in the effort to protect the canyon and keep it a wild place by signing the petition here

4. RM: What is one thing you wish people knew about you?

ES: Most people only know me through my Instagram (@roundtheworldgirl).  My page has a fairly large following, and because of that, many people tend to assume that I am making tons of money from it, which simply isn't the case.

5. RM: What’s next for you?

ES: I'm hoping to squeeze in the Cathedral Traverse (a mission involving summiting three major peaks in the Tetons - the Grand Teton included) before taking off for Southeast Asia!

Follow the adventures of Elise on Instagram @roundtheworldgirl

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