Can Underwear Make You a Better Person?

Can Underwear Make You a Better Person?

Pictured: Ridge Merino Women's Boy Short in Black

Want to be a better person? Wear comfortable underwear.

This according to a recent New York Times piece, "15 Ways to Be a Better Person." Editors culled their favorite advice on "subjects like what you wear (and what you wear under that), what you consume and how you love."

Wear comfortable underwear. Seems simple enough. 

Our Ridge Merino Women's Boy Short was recently named one of the Top 10 Most Comfortable Boy Shorts by and Trazee Travel called them "a great pair of underwear ... perfect for the outdoors."

As one of our best sellers, we have a hard time keeping this item in stock. We love them for a little extra coverage under skirts, for hiking, camping and of course as a cozy bedtime staple. It's available in classic black and some new, bolder colors coming soon. Grab a pair here.

Our new Men's Merino Wool Boxer Brief reinforced with (m)Force™ Technology is also getting rave reviews, with one customer claiming, "It feels like you are going commando. They fit that well." Just introduced in July, these skivvies are flying off the virtual shelf. Available in navy and asphalt (and new styles coming soon!) you can get yours here


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