Embrace the Journey

Embrace the Journey

Photo by Laura of Own Your Sexy

Ridge was recently highlighted in a thought-provoking piece by Kim Caldwell about enjoying this journey we call life. Her advice includes being flexible, embracing today and building balance.

"What occurred to me recently is just how custom made each pathway and journey is designed for each of us," Caldwelll writes. "Enjoying and releasing into the journey is where the real joy in life lies." Read the full post here.  

"If you have been holding back from fully showing up, really going for it, or stepping into your journey because you feel like you want to wait until the plan is clear, the money is there, or you’ve learned enough, I have news for you: you’re already on the path. Your journey has already begun. You are there. It’s all laid out. And now it’s up to you to embrace it." - Kim Caldwell 


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