Inspired by Nature: Alpine Chevron

a woman wearing Ridge Merino layers throws snow in the air

 Alpine Chevron special edition print available for a limited time.

The rings in trees, spots on animals, and symmetry in plants all unveil a mysterious and intricate natural code. This repetition unveils a hidden network of interconnected designs in the seemingly simple aspects of our surroundings.

a collage of the nature patterns that inspired Ridge Merino's alpine chevron pattern

Chevron-like patterns in the world all around us.

Patterns in nature may appear random at times, like those due to outside forces (think rock formations or waves in the ocean). But for living things, the main function of a pattern is a result of evolution.

Over the years, consistent patterns have developed to make the best use of energy and resources. Whether it's the spirals in shells, the veins in leaves or hexagons in honeycombs, these designs play a crucial role in allowing various forms of life to survive and thrive in their environments.

Inspired By Nature: Alpine Chevron

New this season, the Alpine Chevron pattern appears on select Merino wool base layers and accessories in our Aspect Series. The subtle zigzag print set against a neutral backdrop draws its inspiration from the repeating arrangements found in nature. 

a collage of Ridge's Alpine Chevron line

Unlock nature's secret code with the exclusive Alpine Chevron print, featuring a repeating pattern that ensures you stand out.

Whether you're on the hill or off, confidently make a statement when you layer up with this limited edition Merino wool base layer set. Check out the full collection.


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