Step Up Every Adventure With Merino Wool Socks

a woman pulls on the Banked Midweight Sock wearing Ridge Merino base layers

The Banked Midweight Sock is perfect for skiing and snowboarding.

When it comes to outdoor activity, the choice of socks can significantly impact your adventure. Poor-quality or ill-fitting socks can lead to a sweaty, blistery and overall miserable experience.

Enter Merino wool – the cure for the common sock. These socks excel at moisture-wicking, ensuring your feet stay dry and comfortable throughout any adventure. Beyond that, they offer breathability, keeping your feet fresh even on challenging trails. Plus, they possess remarkable odor resistance, eliminating the dreaded "dirty sock smell."

Check out some of our favorite activities, made even better with the comfort of Merino wool socks.

Snow Sports

Skiers and snowboarders love Merino wool for its natural insulation properties, ensuring warmth in cold conditions—which is absolutely crucial for tackling chilly slopes or long days in the backcountry. The Merino wool coverage doesn't stop with base and mid layers - it continues to their feet. Merino socks' moisture-wicking capabilities, comfortable fit, and breathability collectively contribute to a more enjoyable and comfortable cold-weather experience. 


For backpackers, Merino wool socks are a weight-conscious dream. Lightweight, versatile, and quick-drying, a single pair can last for days of exploration without needing washing, minimizing the need to carry multiple pairs. The Ridge Minaret 3/4 crew socks are the perfect fit - hitting just above a hiking boot, to avoid slippage and chafing.

a hiker wearing Ridge Minaret 3/4 crew socks walks across a log on a hike while others rest in the background
The Ridge Minaret 3/4 crew socks in action.


Whether hitting the road or the trail, Merino wool socks provide breathability and comfort, making each stride more enjoyable. Merino wool socks are an excellent choice for running in warmer months, as their natural odor-resistant properties ensure freshness during extended sessions, reducing the likelihood of unpleasant odors. Additionally, these socks excel in moisture-wicking, efficiently drawing sweat away from the feet to keep them dry and prevent discomfort during intense runs. The breathability of Merino wool further ensures proper ventilation, helping regulate temperature and prevent overheating.
a trail runner wearing Ridge Rock Creek Low Cut Socks sits on a rock to pour pebbles out of their running shoe
The Ridge Rock Creek Low Cut Sock.



Whether you're setting up camp or lounging by the fire, Merino wool socks bring an added level of comfort and warmth, elevating the entire camping experience. Notably, Merino's natural flame resistance ensures that even if it touches a burning surface, it won't melt or stick to the skin (a relief, especially if you've relaxed a bit after a couple of beers by the fire). And when it's time to hit the sleeping bag, there's nothing worse than cold feet making your whole body chilly. Just throw on your reliable socks for a swift, warming remedy.

a woman wearing Ridge Merino socks sits in a tent reading a book and petting her dog

Camping made cozy with Merino socks.


Travel is unpredictable. The last think you want to be thinking about is your feet. When navigating planes, trains, buses, or transfers, Merino wool socks are a travel essential. Wherever your adventures lead, trust Merino wool to adapt to varying temperatures, allowing you to focus on the journey without losing your way.

Gym Workouts

The dreaded "gym sock" smell will be a thing of the past. Merino socks, with their breathable and odor-resistant qualities, ensure your feet stay fresh, even in the midst of - and after - an intense session.


Cyclists choose Merino wool socks for their lightweight, moisture-wicking properties that keep feet dry and comfortable during long rides. Additionally, the breathability of Merino wool ensures proper ventilation, contributing to an overall enjoyable cycling experience.

Everyday Wear

Choose the cozy comfort of Merino wool socks for everyday, for walking the dog, hustling at the office, running errands or simply kicking back for a chill day at home.

Whether you're conquering peaks or exploring nature, make Merino wool your choice for reliable, tailored-to-your needs comfort for your feet. 



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