When it comes to winter sports, base layers aren't just clothing; they're the first line of defense and a crucial support system. When the cold bites and the snow falls, Ridge Merino wool base layers can make the difference between calling it quits after a few runs versus enjoying having fun outside for hours on end. They are the armor that shields you from the elements, the secret weapon that keeps you warm and the trusted companion that helps you do great things on the slopes, in the backcountry and beyond.

Underneath The Pow

Winter athletes know that success starts with the right foundation. Ridge Merino base and mid layers are designed for those who demand peak performance. Crafted from the finest Merino wool, they provide unbeatable warmth, breathability, and moisture-wicking properties. It's the perfect balance of comfort and technical excellence that enables you to push your limits.

Seen here: Underneath It All, Ridge Merino 100% Merino Wool Inversion Base Layers keep McKenna Peterson smiling in B.C. during a deep winter pow day.

Cold Weather Ready

Underneath the vast blue sky, beneath the imposing shadow of the tallest mountain range, and even when the biting cold-weather pushes you to your limits, there's an indispensable support system you can always count on: Ridge Merino wool base and mid layers. These unassuming under layers are the silent heroes of cold-weather activities, providing insulation and comfort to protect you from the elements.

Seen here: Climb, ski, repeat. Sam Cohen doesn't have to think about the little things while in the mountains. That's why he trusts the Ridge Convict Hoodie Merino Wool Mid Layer.

Peel Back the Layers

Outdoor excellence begins with the layer closest to your skin. Elevate your skiing and snowboarding game by layering up with Merino wool.

Seen here: But first, sunscreen. Danila Shipilov gets ready for a morning shred in the Aspect Base Layer.

Underneath It All, There’s Ridge

Whatever you’re into. Wherever you go. Ridge base and mid layers provide your first line of support, so you can stay safe, stay comfortable and focus on what matters.

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