The Perfect Travel Fabric: Merino + Tencel

The Perfect Travel Fabric: Merino + Tencel

Our athletes and customers travel all over the world, often spending their vacations hiking, backpacking, climbing and skiing. Having multi-purpose clothing that works well on a full-day hike and out to dinner after is a must when you want to pack light.

Whether you’re going out to sea like Sophia, trekking in Nepal like Jonny and Dikshya, or road tripping throughout North America like Nick and Jessica, Ridge has you covered. When we started testing a Merino + Tencel fabric blend, we knew it would make incredible travel clothing.

Merino wool’s natural odor resistance and breathability make it the perfect choice for travel. But pairing it with Tencel makes it even better for hot mid-summer trips.

Meet Tencel: an incredibly soft wood pulp fiber

Our whole line of Merino wool apparel is soft and comfortable, but the softness of our Tencel Collection is unmatched. Even softer than silk and cooler than linen, Tencel fibers are made from renewable raw material wood sourced from sustainable forests. Since it comes from natural materials and is paired with Merino wool, every item in our Natural Tencel Collection is 100% biodegradable.

Tencel absorbs even more moisture (sweat) than Merino wool does and it holds onto this moisture. It may sound counterintuitive, but keeping that moisture within the Merino + Tencel fabric lets it slowly evaporate in response to your body heat, which naturally keeps you cool. In hot, muggy weather, lightweight Merino + Tencel clothing is the way to go.

Pictured: Men's Natural Tee in Goldenrod & Men's Hyde Joggers in Black

Our Tencel picks for travel

For Men

Natural Tee + Natural Crew

Stay cool and comfortable whether you’re on a long flight, running through an airport, or cranking out highway hours on a long road trip. Both are odor-resistant so you can get multiple wears out of them. The sweatshirt is thin and packs up small, so it’s easy to toss in a backpack.

"I dont usually review things, but my husband loves his shirt. It fits his athletic build well, is incredibly soft, and comfortable in this HOT Texas weather." - S (Natural Tee)

For Women

Natural Tee or Tank + Natural Crew + Natural Joggers

Our Women’s Natural Relaxed Tee has a loose, flowy fit for plenty of airflow. The Women’s Natural Tank is another great first layer for travel or a hike or run once you arrive.

Toss the super-packable and breathable Natural Crew Sweatshirt in your bag for when you get chilly. We’re obsessed with the Natural Jogger for airport travel in particular – keep your legs covered but get plenty of airflow through this lightweight material, plus fit your passport and phone in the zippered pockets. Our joggers provide all the comfort of sweatpants but with a nicer, more tailored look.

“Unbelievably soft, comfy, and breathable joggers. And nailed the fit too - highly flattering without being too tight or too loose. Cozy and casual enough to lounge in all night at home but fitted enough to wear out and about for errands or travel.” - Gabby (Natural Jogger)

Pictured: Women's Travel Set - Natural Hoodie in Black & Natural Jogger in Black

Pair Tencel with Merino wool basics for travel

For the ultimate plane, road trip and vacation comfort, you’ll want Merino wool undergarments too. Merino wool is naturally odor resistant, breathable, moisture wicking and temperature regulating – all things you want in high performing outdoor gear but also in your travel clothing.

Complete your summer travel outfit with Merino wool underwear (men’s / women’s) and socks to stay comfortable and stink-free.


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