Charge Like A Pro: McKenna Peterson's Winter Kit

Charge Like A Pro: McKenna Peterson's Winter Kit

From their skis to their shells, in the pursuit of precision and performance, winter athletes leverage state-of-the-art gear designed to withstand the harshest conditions. Yet, amid this ever-evolving landscape of innovation, one thing remains true: their unwavering trust in Merino wool. This natural fabric, time-tested and proven, continues to deliver the goods when it comes to warmth, comfort, and moisture management. 

We talked to Sun Valley-based McKenna Peterson about layering for skiing and the go-to Merino wool clothing she uses as her foundation for fun when spending long days outside in the cold. Here's what's in her kit.  

merino wool leggings

McKenna seen here in the Aspect High Rise Bottoms, Solstice Hoodie and Banked Merino wool ski socks.

Aspect Merino High Rise Base Layer Legging

As seen in OUTSIDE MAGAZINE: BEST WOMENS WORKOUT GEAR OF 2024 - the Aspect Merino High Rise Base Layer Legging is the evolution of our best-selling Merino wool bottom. The design features a sleek high-waisted fit that provides incredible comfort and coverage on the hill and off. To complement the new fit, we custom-developed a new Merino Wool fabric that is super-soft, durable and has great recovery to retain its flattering shape. Pair these with the Aspect Merino Wool Base Layer top for ultimate warmth and comfort.

"The Ridge Merino Aspect High Rise Bottoms are my go to base layer for long days of hiking in the mountains. They are warm, comfortable and feel lightweight against my skin. The high rise waist material keeps my backpack's waist strap from chafing my hips while hiking uphill and ensures that no skin is exposed when I reach down to adjust my ski boots. I wear this style base layer every single day in the winter."

Banked Midweight Merino Sock

The Banked Merino Wool Socks are designed for skiing and snowboarding. They feature targeted cushioning around the foot and shin to improve comfort and warmth. Additionally, the seamless toe and targeted padding are designed to fit well in a close-fitting boot.

McKenna Peterson pro skier ridge merino

McKenna braves the elements in her under layers and accessories from Ridge. 

Convict Canyon Hoodie Mid Layer

Named for one of the most scenic areas in the Eastern Sierra, the Convict Canyon 1/2 Zip Pullover Hoodie is constructed with Polartec® Power Wool™ and designed to offer a highly breathable and lightweight mid layer with backcountry travel in mind. The grid construction of the fabric delivers incredible breathability that regulates the start-stop cycle in the backcountry better than anything. The air pockets provide the warmth needed when you are idle and breathe while working hard climbing. All of this performance weighs about as much as a standard t-shirt and compresses to take up little of the valuable room in your pack, if you ever take it off. 

Layton Merino Wool Beanie

It fits like that gas station beanie you hate to buy (love to wear) but made from a WAY better fabric. This 100% Merino Wool beanie gives you all of the comfort of wool such as being super soft, breathable and perfect for any condition. This beanie is built with a bit more length making it versatile so it can be worn cuffed or slouched depending on your style of the day.

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