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It took three years of feedback, testing, design and development, and it’s finally here. Ridge is proud to introduce our new Send-It Seamless Merino Sports Bra. 

The Send-It Merino Bra allows you to move effortlessly throughout the day in pure, natural comfort. Designed for medium to high activity for A-D cups, it’s the perfect choice for warming up or going full send. Whether your activities include charging down the hill, a HIIT workout at home, or a much needed heated yoga sesh - the Send-It Merino Bra answers the call.

Product Features

Send-It Features: “The Five S’s”

  • Super soft Merino wool next to skin means unparalleled comfort for hours on end.
  • Stable support - functional racerback design, wide bottom band and just the right amount of compression ensure everything stays put and doesn’t shift during movement.  
  • Seamless construction - no seams mean no rubbing and lots more stretch.
  • Sweat-wicking and breathable - so you’re always the right temperature and never feel clammy or sticky.
  • Stink free - naturally antibacterial, repels germs that cause BO.

Design Features:

  • Super soft 17.2M Merino wool placed next-to-skin with Recycled Nylon exterior to add support
  • Seamless construction eliminates seams and provides more stretch than traditional cut and sew construction
  • Wide rib knit bottom band - stays put and comfortable
  • Breathable mesh knit on back 
  • Removable pads
Fabric Details

Made from natural and recycled materials.

Soft Merino wool next to skin meets

Sensil® EcoCare Recycled Nylon + Spandex to provide support needed to “Send-it.” The lining is soft 17.2M Merino wool to ensure comfort and performance.  

Knit Construction

This garment is knit on a seamless machine.  This allows us to engineer different types of knitting to enhance the function without restrictive seams.  We use a rib knit on the bottom band and side for more stretch, a mesh knit on the back for more airflow and a supportive jersey knit for the cup.  

The outside layer is made of

Sensil EcoCare Recycled Nylon for more support and durability, and the liner is made of Merino Wool to get the comfort and performance of Merino next-to-skin.  


Sensil® EcoCare

Sensil EcoCare recycled Nylon 6.6 is made with pre-consumer waste, reducing impact on the environment and providing fine denier, high-quality fabrics that last and lastProduction of Sensil® EcoCare recycled yarns uses a highly efficient recycling process that significantly reduces CO2 and energy and water consumption. 

Energy and Water Savings:
  • Up to 55% energy savings with a reduction in CO2 emissions of 0.7 ton of CO2/ ton of polymer (including the transportation of the raw materials)
  • Electrical energy savings of up to 700 kWh/ton in the polymer chemistry process
  • Water savings of up to 830 kg water/ton of polymer, an 80.5% savings



Sensil Ecocare Recycled Nylon, 30% Merino Wool, 10% Spandex, 1% Polyester


Machine wash warm, Hang dry or tumble dry low, Do not bleach or Dry clean, Iron on Wool or Low Temp setting

Sizing and Fit

Size Guide - click here