Ridge. Born in the Eastern Sierra.

The ridge line. It’s just up ahead, but maybe farther than it looks. Just a little bit more. You’ve got this.

It’s the skyline of your favorite mountain town. The dramatic backdrop of an iconic hike. The launch point for your favorite downhill.


When you reach that point – the top of that ridge; when you’re traversing that crest - it’s intimidating. Exhilarating. You have a new point of view. You can see how far you’ve come and decide where to go next. Which way do you choose?

One thing’s for sure: up here, everything seems to make sense.

This is the Eastern Sierra - a land of extremes, where high desert meets deep snow and 14,000' peaks.

Where majestic waterfalls plunge into rushing rivers, carving vast gorges that coil for thousands of miles. Where magma bubbles beneath the earth’s surface, creating natural hot springs, and thousand year-old trees provide shelter to diverse wildlife and much-needed shade on a sweltering summer day.

This is the testing ground for Ridge.

Here, we’re challenged by winding dirt paths, expert-level terrain, unpredictable weather. And at night, the Milky Way, a cloudy ribbon across the night sky, takes our breath away.

It’s here you realize: it’s okay to feel small sometimes.

At the very top of that mountain, or at the bottom of that canyon, Ridge is there, pushing the limits.

Proving that if our clothing can excel here, it can perform anywhere.