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"One of the six best outdoor companies you've never heard of."
"Because we all need Merino and now we can all afford it."
"Ridge Merino is cranking out quality base layers at an affordable price."
"The Next Patagonia: 6 Outdoor Clothing Companies to Watch."
"Ridge Merino has made a point of designing a range of base layers in merino wool of varying degrees of weight to keep you warm outdoors."
"5 Ski Gear Technology Breakthroughs to Try This Spring: Ridge Merino's new line of adorable and soft base layers are a notable addition to the market this year."
"The Women’s Natural Pull-Over Hoodie has become an essential layering piece for our office’s cold Minnesota winters."
"When a long day on the slopes is over, slip on this super-luxe hoodie...that feels softer than silk and offers better cooling properties than linen."