Finally. Winter is upon us.

Finally. Winter is upon us.

It's cold, it's snowing. But you're not bitching about shoveling your driveway or how cold your hands are after scraping your icy windshield. You’re getting excited. It’s time to get up to the mountain.  


There’s nothing better than the feeling of freedom when you’re sliding down the hill - on your terms, any way, anywhere you decide.


Winter’s unpredictable, so you’ll probably be out there as much in crappy weather as you are on nice days.  If you’re like us, you prefer the colder, windier, snowier storm days for the added solitude and deeper pow.


How many of those epic days have been cut short because you’re freezing or just uncomfortable because of your clothing? It’s pretty crucial to dress the part.


That’s where Ridge comes in. We always say “it’s what’s on the inside that matters.” That’s especially true for your baselayer. Especially on days like these.


A Merino wool baselayer is a long-time secret of professional skiers/snowboarders and mountain guides.  These professionals earn their living spending long days outside in the most extreme conditions. How then is it that the majority of skiers and snowboarders are not aware of this little secret? Maybe because - for all of Merino’s amazing qualities - there’s an extravagant price tag to go along with it.  


Not anymore.


This inspired us to rethink, and challenge, everything about Merino: the way it’s designed, who (besides those badass pros) might benefit from it, and most importantly why is it so expensive?


Our direct model gives us the freedom to create top-quality Merino clothing at prices in-line with traditionally cheaper fabrics, like polyester.


Our hope is that this lower cost option makes Merino more accessible, giving winter outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to realize the truly awesome power of Merino.


So that’s us in a nutshell: uncompromised quality, functional yet modern design at an unbeatable price.


Get out there and stay out there. It's time to get after it.  




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