Best Socks for Skiing, Snowboarding, Hiking and So Much More

Best Socks for Skiing, Snowboarding, Hiking and So Much More
Above: Snowboarders love the Ridge Banked Merino Wool Sock.  
Comfortable, warm, and moisture-wicking, Ridge Merino wool socks for men and women are made in the U.S. and are perfect for winter sports, hiking and other outdoor activities.
Wondering which socks are best for certain outings? Look no further. We've compiled your go-to guide to wear whatever, whenever.

Best Socks for Skiing / Best Socks for Snowboarding

Choices, choices. Do you like light cushioning or a little extra padding in your boot? It all comes down to your personal preference. Consider the Dropout Lightweight for ample warmth and if you really like to "feel" your foot move as one with your boot. The Banked Midweight is also great for a close-fitting boot, but offers a bit more reinforcement and extra warmth.

best socks for skiing
 Dropping! The Dropout Sock is a great choice for the serious downhill skier. Photo credit: Nick Cahill


Best Socks for Ski Touring

We really like the Banked Midweight for ski touring for many reasons. When you head out, it will likely be cold, but once you get going you'll start generating a lot of heat. You'll need a sock that can adapt to the elements and your level of exertion. The Banked Sock does just that - keeping you warm when needed and dumping heat/wicking sweat, so your feet stay comfortable, dry and odor free throughout your adventure. 

ski touring socks

 Get going. Ski touring is a fun way to see the world through winter eyes. Photo: Sammy Deleo


Best Socks for Fat Biking 

As with the above cold-weather activities, staying warm is key. While your core heats up, your fingers and toes bear the brunt of heat loss during fat biking. Choose an over-the-calf Merino wool sock option to ensure you're covered and no snow flies up where it shouldn't. The Banked, Dropout or Owens Classic will do the trick, depending on the length of your ride and the fit of your boot. 

best socks for fatbiking
 Riding a bike in the snow is fun. Photo courtesy Greg Weaver for Beargrease.  


Best Socks for Mountain Biking

No question: our low-cut Rock Creek, or just above the ankle length Minaret socks are the best for mountain biking. Super breathable, no stink means you can leave these babies for days - weeks - at a time in your bike bin without washing and you'll still get guaranteed softness and freshness wear after wear. 

merino wool socks for mountain biking
Ian Provo navigating the trails in Utah. Photo: Neil Provo

Best Socks for Trailrunning

The Ridge Rock Creek low-cut ankle socks are great for running, and for a bit more length, consider going with the Minaret Lightweight Merino wool socks. Breathable, with just a bit of cushion that is lightweight along the base of the foot only, these all-season socks will go the extra mile and keep your feet comfortable along the way, even in the toughest terrain. 

best socks for trail runningAndy Clark cruises through the Alps in the Minaret Crew Socks and Ridge Ritual T-Shirt while training for this year's UTMB. Photo: Shannon Robertson
low cut merino wool socks
The Rock Creek ankle sock is a great choice for a trail run. Also shown here, the Women's Wander Merino wool T-shirt. Photo: Nate Greenberg


Best Socks for Hiking 

This is a toss up, depending on you shoe choice. If you're wearing a low hiking shoe, you could go with the Rock Creek ankle-cut style or the Minaret Crew, which hits just above the ankle.

If you're wearing hiking boots, definitely consider lacing up with the Minaret Crew Merino wool socks. Photo: Brandon Russell


Best Socks for Camping

We love the over-the-calf Owens Classic to keep the toes toasty in the evening for whiskey by the fire, overnight in the sleeping bag and the early morning "where's-the-coffee?" frost fest. These socks stay fresh for days on end, so you only need to pack one pair. (These are also great for keeping you warm during that awkward midnight bathroom break or impromptu early morning hike.)

When camping, always pack warm Merino wool socks to prepare for whatever the day brings. Photo: Brandon Russell
After any strenuous adventure follows some well-earned recovery time. Your Ridge Merino socks can go for days (and nights) without being washed, so you can relax to the max - after any activity.
relax tight

No stress. The Owens Merino wool sock is here for it. Photo: Brandon Russell

max chill merino wool socks
Photo: Sammy Deleo


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