Marcus and Jimmy's Multi-Sport Adventure

Marcus and Jimmy's Multi-Sport Adventure

It is the end of November in the Eastern Sierra, and with freezing temps and no new snow it means it's time for other activities. But for the die hard, it means doing anything necessary to get to the snow.

Ridge Athletes Jimmy and Marcus were determined to get a backcountry line one way or another, including ice skating!

Whether you are splitboarding, skating, or walking over ice but it is always best to carry an ice screw to check depth. Ice is not considered safe to walk on until it is at least 4 inches thick.

After a casual 1.5 mile skate across the lake with splitboards on their backs, Marcus and Jimmy made it the shoreline to begin their ascent.

Jimmy seen here in his Solstice Sun Hoodie booting up a steep Sierra couloir.

The most memorable moments of an adventure can be what happens along the way. Marcus and Jimmy know all too well the definition of the phrase "the journey is the reward".
Jimmy may live in Mammoth Lakes, but he stays true to his roots. NJ Devils for life!

Check out their full adventure below:


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