Dad Bond: Plan a Father's Day to Remember in the Eastern Sierra

Dad Bond: Plan a Father's Day to Remember in the Eastern Sierra

Father’s Day is a great time to surprise dad with some unique outdoor experiences, some of which may be beyond his normal comfort zone. The Eastern Sierra offers several out-of-the-box opportunities for adventure. Here are just a few to consider. 

Skiing / snowboarding (in June!): Yes, it IS possible at many resorts this year, thanks to a massive amount of snowfall in winter 2023. You and dad can experience the beauty of snowy-covered landscapes just before the summer solstice. Mammoth Mountain has announced it will be open for "Second Season," which means you can hit the hill until at least July. 

Rock climbing: If you and your dad are up for a fun physical challenge, try rock climbing in/around Bishop, CA - a.k.a. "California's most concentrated sport climbing area." This activity requires strength, endurance, and mental focus, and it's also incredibly rewarding. Consider starting in an indoor gym to get your bearings, and hire a guide to show you some of the cooler routes in the area. Here's a helpful list of resources.

Mountain biking: As the snow melts and the trails become accessible, June is an excellent time for mountain biking in and around Mammoth Lakes. While the Mammoth Mountain Bike Park will likely not open this year, there are miles and miles of trails in the surrounding area for different skill levels.

Helicopter tour: for an absolutely mind-blowing adventure, treat dad to a birds-eye view of the area. Skytime Helicopters run tours seven days a week and hover over places not accessible any other way.

Hiking: The Eastern Sierra is a hiker's paradise. Mammoth Lakes has numerous hiking trails, ranging from relaxing strolls in the forest to more challenging, multi-day mountaineering options. This year, plot a course a bit farther south and stick to lower elevations to avoid getting cliffed out by snow and ice that may still be present in the backcountry.

Family Hike Mammoth Lakes CA

Fishing: The lakes and streams in and around Mammoth Lakes are finally thawing out and are well-known for excellent fishing. Whether you're an experienced angler or a beginner, you can try your hand at catching trout in places like Convict Lake, Crowley Lake and the Owens River. Get the latest updates and resources to help plan your trip.

Camping: Camping in the Eastern Sierra presents many options. There are several campgrounds in the area with beautiful features, such as lakes, streams, hot springs, waterfalls and of course gorgeous views. Again, thanks to the massive snowfall in Winter 2023, many popular campgrounds may experience delayed (or never) opening this season. However, Mammoth is flanked by miles and miles of BLM land, where you can set up camp without a reservation.  

Lake Crowley Mammoth Lakes

Whether it's a quick overnight or week-long trip, a visit to the Eastern Sierra will create Father's Day memories that will last a lifetime.

While you're here, be sure to swing into our HQ, Ridge Collective, in Mammoth Lakes for all of dad's summer merino clothing needs. 


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