Tips to Elevate Your Camping Experience

Tips to Elevate Your Camping Experience
Camping is an amazing experience that allows you to unplug, connect with nature and escape from the stress of daily life. Even if you're miles from civilization, it doesn't mean you need to skimp on comfort. Camping “essentials" have definitely evolved for the better over the years. Here are some tips to take your camping setup to the next level.

1. Upgrade your gear.

Invest in high-quality camping gear, such as a comfortable and spacious tent, a warm sleeping bag, a durable (and reliable) camping stove and camping chairs. Quality, versatile clothing is also essential - Merino wool is an excellent choice due to its breathable, non-stink qualities - meaning it can go for days without a wash and also works great as sleepwear.
Good gear will make your camping experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

2. Plan ahead.

Research the area you'll be camping in, including the weather forecast, nearby attractions and the availability of amenities such as water and firewood (make sure to check local fire regulations too!)
Educate yourself on local wildlife and terrain. Make a checklist of everything you'll need and plan everything in advance, so you minimize surprises. 

3. Create a cozy campsite.

Take some time to set up your campsite well from the get-go. Clear any rocks or debris and lay down a footprint or ground cloth for your tent. Bring a rug or outdoor mat to keep your camper or tent more tidy and so you can leave your shoes outside.

String up some solar lights, play some soft music (if allowed at your campground) and create a cozy seating area to enjoy meals and chill time.

Cozy campsite
Create the perfect home base in the wilderness. 

4.  Prepare healthy, hearty meals.

Sure, if you're packing light, dehydrated meals work just fine; but if space and weight are not a concern, consider upping the ante with more involved meals and snacks. Nothing feels more indulgent than noshing on a homemade meal while sipping a nice glass of wine at a beautiful campsite. Check out ideas from Fresh Off the Grid or REI.

As for dessert, pack some artisan chocolate bars, make some apple pie on a stick or whip up some dutch oven brownies for the crew. And if you haven't tried adding a couple raspberries to your s'mores, give it a try and thank us later.
A group effort: each camper brings something to add to a delicious taco dinner night.

5. Bring entertainment.

If wi-fi is non-existent or spotty, be sure to pack some analog-style entertainment like a deck of cards, a book or a board game. If you're camping with friends, bring some outdoor games like frisbee, cornhole or wiffle ball. If there's a flat surface, consider packing your yoga mat and treat yourself to some gentle stretching or meditation.
yoga outside
Early morning yoga is a great way to start the day. 

6. If you're car camping, don't worry about packing light.

The best part of car camping is being able to bring anything you can fit in the car. Bring comfortable bedding, like a camping mattress or thick foam pad, a comforter and as many pillows as you want. Pack extra blankets if the nights will be cold. (Again, we love Merino wool base layers for an added dose of warmth and natural temperature regulation for chilly nights.)

7. Go explore.

Take advantage of being in the outdoors by going on hikes, mountain biking, swimming or strolling around the area. Get creative with outdoor activities and games that you can do with friends or family. Again, make sure you research the terrain ahead of time and be realistic about your fitness level and ability - and the time needed to get back to camp - before hitting the trail. Camp hosts often have great ideas of nearby trails and activities - feel free to ask them!
hikers in the eastern Sierra
Break away from camp to explore your surroundings.

8. Don't forget hygiene.

Nothing brings a stop to the fun like sickness that spreads throughout the campsite. Remember to wash your hands and dishes, and separate trash and soiled items from food prep areas to prevent the spread of illness. If you can pre-cook any meat before you go, you'll eliminate the risk of dealing with raw meat at camp.

Check what kind of restrooms/running water are available at your campground. Pack toiletries accordingly, and always bring plenty of hand sanitizer.

With just a little extra thought and planning to add a few more creature comforts, you can elevate your camping experience and make it even more memorable. With the right gear, planning, and mindset, you can make the most of your time in the great outdoors.    
Check out our blog on the Three Fs of Camping on how to be a considerate camper, and check out our summer collection for the best Merino wool travel/camping gear.


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