Imperfect Advocacy: 'The Hypocrite' Unveils Challenges in Snow Sports

Amie Engerbretson shredding on a snowmobile
"The Hypocrite" calls into question the use of fossil fuels in snow sports, such as utilizing snowmobiles and helicopters to access otherwise unreachable terrain.
Have you ever felt conflicted between your passion for the great outdoors and the knowledge that your actions might harm the environment you cherish? If so, you're not alone. Enter "The Hypocrite," a groundbreaking film that challenges this age-old dilemma head-on.
Unlike typical documentaries, "The Hypocrite" doesn't assign blame or point fingers. Instead, it sparks candid conversations about the challenges faced by outdoor enthusiasts. It's an exploration of the gap between our love for nature and our sometimes contradictory actions. 
Leading the charge is professional skier and Ridge Athlete Amie Engerbretson. Alongside fellow athletes, she delves deep into her own eco-conscious conscience, grappling with the complexities of her lifestyle choices. 

Amie Engerbretson skis down a powdery slope

“Making this film has been one of the more challenging and vulnerable experiences of my life. My ultimate hope is to offer a new way to think about our roles as individuals and to spark new conversations about how we can all be part of the solution.” - Amie Engerbretson 

But this film goes beyond merely highlighting the problem. Engerbretson collaborates with experts like Harvard Professor Naomi Oreskes to dissect the science behind our environmental impact and seek actionable solutions.

"The Hypocrite" showcases the beauty of our natural playgrounds while serving as a poignant reminder of the consequences of our actions. It's a wake-up call for viewers to recognize their role in protecting these landscapes. 


Ridge is a proud sponsor of "The Hypocrite," a film that prioritizes collective action among outdoor enthusiasts, bonded by their mutual love for nature and dedication to its preservation.

Amie Engerbretson The Hypocrite

Walking the walk: as a POW Athlete Alliance member, Amie visited The Hill for POW Lobby Days where she met with lawmakers to discuss clean energy options. For updates on "The Hypocrite" film, her advocacy efforts and how you can get involved, follow her on Instagram @amieski.


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