Winter Fun for the Whole Fam: Snow Day Play at Woolly's Tube Park

Winter Fun for the Whole Fam: Snow Day Play at Woolly's Tube Park

Family time is always important regardless of what is going on in the world at any given moment. Whether it’s a five-minute phone chat or a weeklong reunion with whomever in your life means family for you, connecting with those special people can often be the best natural medicine.

In Mammoth Lakes, the home base of Ridge Merino, the opportunity for family fun is endless. During winter months, spending time at Woolly’s Tube Park is an easy activity for everyone. Paired with Ridge Merino’s base layers, you have the perfect recipe for staying warm and comfortable while having fun, no matter what’s in the weather forecast. Plus, with its kids’ line, Ridge has everyone in your family, literally, covered. 

Woolly’s Tube Park is operated by Mammoth Resorts, and you’ll find it just off the road to Main Lodge. It is six-lanes of downhill, high-speed tubing fun. A great snow play area for breaks and a snack shack to keep the little ones from getting cranky round out the experience.

Throw on the kids’ Aspect Merino wool shirt and bottom layers and add the Merino wool neck gaiter under some ski bibs and your kiddo will be not only be warm, but dry and comfortable. The buttery softness of Merino wool protects sensitive little skin from getting irritated, so you can enjoy a full day of play.

Comfortable clothing makes for a more enjoyable day of play. The kid's merino wool base layer top, seen here in Rainbow.

For the adults in your group, make sure to try the Convict Canyon Merino Wool Hoodie or the Solstice Lightweight Wool Hoodie, depending on the weather, for comfort and warmth.

 One of the most versatile pieces, the Convict Canyon Hoodie for adults is a favorite for long days spent outdoors. Also seen here: the kids' merino wool base layer in Heather Grey/Black. 

Like so many activities in Mammoth Lakes, tubing is a chance to get outside, laugh and let the weight of the world slip away even for just a little while. The tough part is making the time and the headspace to get out there, which is where Ridge products come in.

Putting on your Ridge base layers is the first signal to your brain that it should get excited and happy because something fun is coming. In today’s hectic world, that feeling alone is worth its weight in wool.

Smiling is good for the heart and laughing is good for the soul. Ridge Merino wool accessories and layers, seen here, allow the whole fam to stay comfortable outside all day long.


Words // Lara Kaylor

Photos // Sammy DeLeo


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