Tips For Staying Active and Healthy When The Weather Turns

Tips For Staying Active and Healthy When The Weather Turns

Born and raised in New Zealand, Stefi Luxton competed for the NZ team in the 2014 Winter Olympics before moving full time to the U.S. Now living in Mammoth Lakes, Calif., Stefi is snowboarding as much as she can in between running Stefi Fitness, a business to help others discover how training and activity can positively impact their overall well being.

With the harsh winters and endless snow, she has to get creative to stay active, healthy and find new ways to motivate her clients. Whether it's a New Year's Resolution, guidance for a healthier lifestyle, or a little extra inspiration when the weather turns - we asked Stefi for some practical advice that can be applied not only in the winter, but year-round. Read her top tips below.

1. Make A Habit Out Of It

"Winter is always a hard time of the year to stay on top of everything you may want to fit into a day. The days are shorter and colder and it's easy to settle into the couch and turn on the TV once the sun sets. Write down some goals you may want to achieve each week. It may be 30 minutes of exercise three times a week and two long walks outside in between. Any bit of Vitamin D from the sun is important when you are stuck inside during bad weather. Setting a routine will help create healthy decisions, therefore, bettering your mood as well as your health." 

staying active during winter

Wear warm clothing to stay outside longer in the winter. Stefi, seen here in the Inversion Heavyweight Base Layers and Merino wool beanie. Photo: Sammy Deleo

2. You Are What You Eat

"Do some research on the different veggies that grow throughout the year in your area. Community gardens are gaining popularity and are a great resource for getting insight into your local environment and what is possible to grow. The food industry is a tricky one, and it may be a little more expensive to buy locally at the Farmers' Market, but in the long run, it will be better for your health and the ecosystem. When you buy directly, you have the opportunity to ask the farmer or rancher about the practices they use to raise and harvest crops and animals. When you know where your food comes from and who grew it, you can feel better about knowing exactly what you are putting into your body."

new year's resolutions

Stefi grabs an organic green smoothie made with locally sourced ingredients from family-owned Elixir. Pictured: Natural Hoodie, Aspect Base Layers and Layton Beanie. Photo: Sean Logan

3. Sleep Is The Best Meditation 

"The advantage of a good night's sleep will include reduced stress, better immune function, lower blood pressure and a better mood overall. But most importantly, a good night's sleep is necessary for the normal functioning of our brains, and is highly correlated to mental, as well as physical, health." 

Fun fact: According to results of several sleep research studies, wearing Merino wool vs. non-wool sleepwear to bed significantly reduced the time it took to fall asleep, which contributed to increased total sleep time and improved quality of sleep.

To learn more about what Stefi Fitness has to offer, find her on Instagram @stefifitness.

uphill climb Stefi Luxton

The right layers make all the difference during high-output cold-weather activity. A base, mid layer and shell are the basics you need to keep your core warm in the winter. Also invest in Merino wool accessories: a warm hat, gaiter, gloves and socks. Photo: Brandon Russell


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