What Is Axio? Introducing Ultralight Merino Wool

What Is Axio? Introducing Ultralight Merino Wool

In our ongoing journey to push the boundaries of Merino wool outdoor apparel, we’re proud to introduce a fabric innovation that sets a new standard for performance Merino wool clothing: Axio technology. Axio is central to our Pursuit Collection – it creates stretchier, more durable, longer lasting, super comfortable Merino wool clothing.

What Is Axio Ultralight Merino?

Axio is a patented Japanese yarn spinning technique that combines the unparalleled natural benefits of Merino wool with the strength of polyester. This blend results in a fabric that’s not only ultra lightweight and durable but also soft and incredibly easy to move in.

What makes it a really compelling innovation is the way it’s spun. A polyester filament (think of a super thin fishing line) is spiraled inside super soft 18.5 micron Merino wool. This spiraling technique enhances wool’s inherent strengths but doubles its durability and resistance to abrasion compared to 100% Merino wool products.

How Axio Fits In the Ridge Ethos

Ultralight Axio Merino is a great fit for our values at Ridge Merino. We use as much Merino wool in our apparel as we can, and Axio technology lets us keep the Merino wool content incredibly high (85%) in these hoodies and t-shirts. Without Axio, there’s no way to create such high-performing, resilient products with that much Merino wool.

Axio Merino wool clothing is resistant to pilling, shrinks less, and gets less worn out after many washes. Creating dependable and long-lasting Merino wool products is one way we tread more lightly on the planet. The less you have to buy new clothing, the better for the earth.

How Is Axio Different?

a graphic showing the features of the Pursuit Hoodie: scuba hood, quick drying, gusseted sleeve, ultralight Axio Merino and discreet thumbholes

Pictured: Men's Pursuit Ultralight Hoodie and Ridge Run Hat

When we first started working on our Pursuit Collection, we had been dreaming of an even stretchier, stronger, ultralight Merino wool hoodie.

Customers have long loved our Solstice Sun Hoodie. While it’s perfect for many outdoor adventures, it has a more casual lifestyle look. We might not grab our Solstice Hoodie for a hard workout at the gym, but our Pursuit Collection fits that bill. We wanted to create something more explicitly technical and performance-driven, and Axio technology delivers that in the clothes in our Pursuit line.

But don’t let the Pursuit Collection’s toughness and performance-focus fool you. Pursuit hoodies and t-shirts maintain the super soft comfort that people love in Merino wool, and the high Merino wool content still delivers all the benefits of Merino wool: it’s breathable, moisture wicking, odor resistant and quick drying.

The Pursuit Collection is perfect for trail running (whether you’re going out on your lunch break or running an ultra), in any high intensity workout, rock climbing, scrambling up peaks, backpacking and backcountry skiing on warm spring days. But our Pursuit hoodies and tees are also great for fly fishing, biking, casual walks and hikes and anywhere else your day takes you.

Axio In Our Customers’ Words

Pictured: Women's Pursuit Ultralight Hoodie and Men's Pursuit Tee

We just launched our Pursuit Collection, and the reviews are already rolling in. Here are a few things we’ve heard about our Ultralight Axio Merino wool gear.

“This hoodie is ridiculously lightweight and feels amazing on my skin.” - Keifer M.

"I was almost in disbelief at how comfortable a t-shirt can be." - Stefan C.

“Love this tee. Moves with your body, soft and comfy relaxed fit.” - Kristen G.

Axio and the Pursuit of Performance

Thanks to ultralight Axio Merino technology, we're not just crafting clothing; we're engineering gear that accompanies you on the toughest pursuits to keep you comfortable and moving freely. Axio Merino represents not just a step but a leap forward in Merino wool outdoor apparel, offering the perfect blend of performance and comfort. Experience the difference of Axio technology for yourself.


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