Keeping Pace With the Outdoor Mom

Keeping Pace With the Outdoor Mom

If you have an active mom in your life, chances are she's outside a lot. There's nothing better than heading out with her to create lasting memories.  

Whatever her fitness level, be sure to meet mom where she is. (She may be more active than you and that's okay!)

1. Embrace the outdoors and do stuff outside.

If your mom loves spending time outside, join her. Go for a hike, bike ride, or even just a walk around the neighborhood. Even planning something simple like a picnic in the park or an overnight camping trip presents great bonding opportunities. Don't live close to one another? Go for a "FaceTime" walk, where you can still see each other and chat, while getting your steps in.

2. Invest in quality outdoor gear.

If you plan on joining your mom on her outdoor adventures, invest in quality gear. Good hiking boots, socks, a comfortable backpack, and weather-appropriate clothing will make your experience much more enjoyable. (See our top picks for the best Merino wool gear for mom.)

3. Learn new skills.

If your mom is an experienced outdoor enthusiast, ask her to teach you some new skills. This could be anything from pitching a tent to cooking over a campfire.

3. Respect her pace.

If your mom is more experienced than you, or vice versa - you may need to adjust your pace. Just enjoy the experience and keep moving.

4. Before heading out on an outdoor adventure, make sure you are prepared.

Check the weather, pack appropriate gear, medical supplies and bring plenty of snacks/food and water. (The Ridge stainless steel water bottle is a great option for staying hydrated.)

5. Have fun.

Most importantly, have fun! Spending time outdoors with your mom is a great way to stay active, hold each other accountable and create memories.

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