Life On The Ridge: The Avalanche Forecaster

Life On The Ridge: The Avalanche Forecaster
ESAC Center Director and Lead Forecaster Steve Mace tests the snow for weak layers. 

Did you know? Avalanche risk is at its greatest 24 hours following a snowfall of 12 inches or more.

Mace hits the backcountry on a typical day of forecasting.
Backcountry skiing has exploded in popularity in the last decade. The growing number of participants brings with it a concern of public safety and a need for more widespread education. Avalanche centers across the country play a crucial role in providing up-to-the-minute information regarding hazardous conditions during the winter months.
Since 2016, Ridge has been a supporter of our local avalanche center, Eastern Sierra Avalanche Center (ESAC). Ridge provides funding for forecasting efforts and also outfits the forecasters with the technical winter base layers, mid layers and accessories they can count on to brave the elements on a daily basis.

Did you know? In 90% of avalanche incidents, the snow slides are triggered by the victim or someone in the victim's party.

We spent a day in the life with our friends at ESAC to learn what it takes to keep the public informed – and safe – in the backcountry when the snow starts to fall. Watch the full video below.

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Filmed and Edited // Mitchell Quiring 


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