Ridge Athlete McKenna Peterson Shares Sister Summit Stoke

Ridge Athlete McKenna Peterson Shares Sister Summit Stoke

Sister Summit is an all-new backcountry skiing competition that brings together top female skiers and snowboarders to redefine the standards of the sport. The inaugural Sister Summit took place at Mustang Powder Cats Lodge in British Columbia last month and included an epic week of skiing, workshops and wellness. Ridge Athlete McKenna Peterson was one of only 13 skiers and nine snowboarders invited to attend. Here's her take on the super rad ladies-only free ride event.


A week at Mustang Powder with a group of female athletes, creatives and guides was the ideal way to begin this winter. With the goal of 'increasing the feminine frequency in the outdoor space,' Sister Summit brought together the top female skiers and snowboarders to progress our skiing and create media content.

McKenna in the white room.

Surrounding myself with women in the mountains turns me into a superhero. There is something special about collective feminine energy. Throughout my life of chasing podiums and powder on my skis, I have come to realize that I perform at a higher lever when encouraged by my female peers.

Nothing but smiles with this crew! 

Through evening talks and educational sessions, we expanded our comfort zones and learned from one another. With mediation, yoga and a delicious Ayurvedic menu, our bodies felt energized and loved.

Nightly yoga helped to reset the mind and body after riding amazing pow day after day.

We danced. We laughed. We sent. We connected. We realized that, together, we can shift the world. Together, we can move any mountain. It takes a village, and this is ours. The doors are open and everyone is welcome. The Sister Summit core values are available to anyone who values female connection and support.

Workshops included a group avalanche refresher so that everyone was on the same page when it comes to safety in the mountains. 

I felt like I was skiing at the top of my game even though it was my first ski trip of the winter. I’m theorizing that the amount of fun being had and the level of showcased skill are in direct correlation.

The smile wouldn't leave my face. Could it be that the reason I ski well when surrounded by other women is because I am simply having more fun? This theory is going to need more data collection… Sister Summit 2023, here we come!

The recipe for stoke: perfect snow, a crew with nothing but good vibes and froth levels at an all time high.

Learn more about Sister Summit.

Photos: Zoya Lynch, Mirae Campbell and Robin O'Neill 

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