Merino Wool: Perfect for Tropical Travel

Merino Wool: Perfect for Tropical Travel

August 28, 2017

Heading to the tropics? Don't forget your Merino. 

While it sounds counterintuitive to bring wool to a sweltering-hot climate destination, we were surprised how well Merino performed.

Take our recent trip to Costa Rica, for example, where the low temperature was around 85°F each day. We made sure to pack the essentials: sunscreen, bug spray and our Ridge hats, underwear, tees and tanks

Because they breathe and wick sweat, we found that the Frankie Tank and the Men's Tee were perfect garb for a humid kayak through the mangroves, multiple rainforest treks, and an impromptu boldering sesh at Playa Ventanas. For women, the Ridge Boy Short is a less-revealing and very comfortable option under a light sundress, and Merino is definitely the preferred fabric for a good night's rest.

The best part? Merino is naturally antibacterial, so even though we were sweating (profusely), those articles of clothing didn't stink, which meant no extra laundry while on vacay. (Added bonus!)

The only time our Ridge hats left our heads was during swim time. Also during daily siestas.

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