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Merino Wool for Better Sleep

Merino Wool for Better Sleep

July 25, 2016 1 Comment

Pictured: The Ridge Merino Frankie Tank and Women's Boy Short

Can't sleep? Look to the sheep. 

Did you know that merino wool can lead to a better night's sleep? It's true.
According to results of several sleep research studies, wearing Merino wool vs. non-wool sleepwear to bed significantly reduced the time it took to fall asleep, which contributed to increased total sleep time and improved quality of sleep. One study found that, in hot conditions, those who wore wool to bed slept significantly longer, reflecting faster sleep onset and waking up less frequently. In both cold and neutral conditions, the combination of wool sleepwear and bedding saw participants have a more efficient sleep compared to when tested using non-wool sleepwear and bedding.
This should come as no surprise, as Merino wool's inherit qualities make it the ideal sleepwear for improved Zs. Merino wool naturally offers unique temperature and moisture management and a soft, smooth texture. 

So the next time you're having trouble nodding off, consider wearing sheep instead of just counting them. 

Did You Know? Sleep deprivation can cause damage to your body in the short term. Over time, it can lead to chronic health problems and negatively impact your quality of life.

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Michelle Henry
Michelle Henry

February 26, 2017

What a surprising find! Thanks for sharing this post. Sounds like the perfect sleepwear.


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