Ridge Merino Supports Breast Cancer Fund Peak Hike for Prevention

Ridge Merino Supports Breast Cancer Fund Peak Hike for Prevention

idge Merino is proud to sponsor the Breast Cancer Fund's 21st Annual Peak Hike for Prevention this Sunday, Sept. 25. Hikers will ascend Mt. Tamalpais in Northern California to raise funds to prevent breast cancer before it starts. The organization encourages everyone to go "beyond the pink" - raising awareness - and focus instead on prevention by protecting our bodies and environment from radiation and toxic chemicals that are linked to the disease.  

Similarly in line with this mission to proactively prevent and combat disease; yesterday, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Dr. Priscilla Chan announced a health initiative to invest at least $3 billion over the next decade toward preventing, curing or managing all diseases by the end the century.  

In our lifetime, will we eradicate all disease? No one can say for sure, but working together, we can definitely make a difference. Prevention is the first step.

Go here to register for the Peak Hike or to donate to Breast Cancer Fund. 

"In just a generation we’ve witnessed a 40-percent increase in breast cancer, and we know that environmental factors like toxic chemical exposures have played a major role. Help us expose and eliminate the environmental causes of breast cancer. Together, we can stop this disease before it starts." - The Breast Cancer Fund 


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