Are you a "LOHA"?

Are you a "LOHA"?

If you care about sustainability when it comes to food, clothing and consumables, you might be a LOHA.

That's a good thing. LOHA - living a "lifestyle of health and sustainability" - can apply to many areas of the conscientious customer's life; including health, environment, social justice, personal development and sustainability. Living a LOHA lifestyle is now easier than ever thanks to more open business practices and the availability of more environmentally responsible goods and services.

"While the food industry has its farm-to-table movement, which promotes serving locally sourced food, there’s no equivalent for fashion – not yet, at least," said Stuart McCullough, CEO of Australian Wool Innovation and managing director of Woolmark.

In a recent article, wool is predicted to be the next "it" fabric due to its eco-friendly, natural qualities: it's a sustainable, fire-retardant fiber that’s biodegradable, renewable and recyclable. These qualities have attracted high fashion designers for years and have now started gaining the attention of athletic apparel brands due to the fabric's inherent performance features.

Of course we at Ridge realized this early on. That's why we design the majority of our products around wool. In fact, our base layers and mid layers are 100% merino wool.

Whether you're a LOHA or not, we think you'll agree: it feels great - inside and out- to wear all-natural fabrics. 

"The fashion industry is hungry for more eco-friendly and natural fabrics. It’s a hunger the cheap, fast- fashion sector has not been able to satisfy. Now, after years when synthetic fabrics dominated production, high-quality wool is making a serious comeback." - Stuart McCullough


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