What's In a Name? Atmospheric River, Hot Creek Blue, Hemlock Ridge

What's In a Name? Atmospheric River, Hot Creek Blue, Hemlock Ridge

Pictured: Our new Women's Hot Creek Blue Crew and Atmospheric River Bottoms. 

We draw a lot of inspiration from our home base of Mammoth Lakes. Located in the Eastern Sierra mountains of California, Mammoth is home to amazing athletes, stunning scenery and world-class skiing/snowboarding. You may have noticed several local landmarks, environmental features and even weather phenomena have made their way into some of our product names... 

Women's Inversion Crew

There's a mineral in the geothermal pools at the Hot Creek Geologic Site, located just outside of town, that turns the water an electric blue. These boiling aquamarine pools are the inspiration behind the new color of our women's Inversion top, boy short and neck gaiterHot Creek Blue.

Women's Inversion Bottoms

Last year the mountains of California received several massive snowstorms that lasted for weeks at a time. These Atmospheric Rivers, dumped the second highest snowfall ever recorded in Mammoth. The result was a season that lasted 270 days and amassed more than 618” (51.5 feet) of snow. Our new women's baselayer bottom is an artist-commissioned print inspired by the swirling satellite images of these severe meteorological events.   

If the Atmospheric River were an actual river and had a signature print, we imagine it would look a lot like this - wild, flowing, and a little unpredictable. 

Men's Collection

In addition, our new men's collection features several items in Hemlock, a greenish hue inspired by Hemlock Ridge, some of our favorite side-country terrain here in Mammoth.  

Last but not least, there are our many accessories, which are named for mountains and trails around the area, including the Sherwins, The High TrailBanner Mountain and, of course, the Eastside.


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