Have Merino, Will Travel. Top 5 Reasons Merino is Great On-the-Go

Have Merino, Will Travel. Top 5 Reasons Merino is Great On-the-Go

May 09, 2017

Photo credit: Sarah Lee

Whether you're planning a multi-day backcountry trip or jetting off to a far-flung foreign land, there's one thing every savvy traveler knows: the right clothing can make or break a trip. More specifically, the right layering system is key and allows you to stay comfortable and adapt to changing, unpredictable conditions.  

The best layer is an all-natural one: Merino wool. It’s what professional athletes use because of its technical performance benefits: it’s soft, insulates, wicks and traps sweat - so you stay dry and not clammy. This is especially important for safety reasons: wet clothes can lead to hypothermia in cold conditions.  

Throughout our adventures, we know firsthand Merino is awesome for travel because:
  1. It is thin, lightweight and takes up very little room in a suitcase or backpack
  2. Superfine Merino is soft and cozy, not coarse or scratchy - so you'll always feel comfortable.
  3. The natural fibers regulate body temperature, keeping you "just right," regardless of unpredictable weather (on or off the plane)
  4. It is versatile - can be worn under clothing or on its own - for an easy stroll or high-performance athletic endeavors. Our crew can also been worn as a flattering top on its own. (Multi-purpose = less to pack.)
  5. It's naturally antibacterial, which means it doesn’t retain odor, so it doesn’t stink, even after long days or multiple uses. (AKA. Less laundry.)
We believe in Merino so much we built a company around the sustainable, biodegradable fabric. All of our products are under $100 and every purchase give back to 1% for the Planet in support of environmental initiatives.
It's in the bag. Pictured: Ridge Merino Unisex Cashmere Beanie and Men's Boxer in Charcoal Heather and Black.

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