Ridge Summer 2019: Lightweight Merino Wool Clothing With Natural Sun Protection

Ridge Summer 2019: Lightweight Merino Wool Clothing With Natural Sun Protection

After years of product testing and development, Merino wool has proven its worth as a four-season staple. To make our products even sweeter for summer, we just released a collection of new lightweight items with natural sun protection.

The new summer lineup includes tanks, tees and sun hoodies featuring our (m)Force™ technology - a nylon core-spun Merino wool to improve the strength and durability of the lightweight fabric’s natural performance. In addition, the new Merino wool clothing protects skin against harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays with a UV protection factor (UPF) rating of 25+. Similar to a sun protection factor (SPF) rating for sunscreen, a UPF rating gauges a fabric’s effectiveness against both UVA and UVB light.

Like our other Merino wool clothing, this collection is naturally odor-resistant, wicks sweat from your skin, and breathes to help regulate your body temperature.

Men’s & Women’s Solstice Hoodie

This hoodie is bound to become your go-to for every summer activity. Soft and extremely lightweight, the Solstice Hoodie is the perfect layer for long days in the sun. Designed in close collaboration with our high-elevation athletes, the cut and shape of this hoodie will keep your skin shielded while still feeling light and airy on hot days. Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail? Burning laps at the bike park? Roasting marshmallows by the campfire? This hoodie's got you covered. Check out the men’s version and the women’s version.

Women’s Journey V-Neck

You asked, we answered. Now introducing the Women’s Journey V-Neck tee, offering the same comfort and versatility of the much loved Men’s Journey Merino wool T-shirt. The shirt’s flattering and relaxed silhouette features the softest, most comfortable fabric and is fortified with our (m)Force technology - making it more durable so you can go farther and stay out longer. This versatile shirt isn’t just for outdoor adventures. It transitions seamlessly from a morning jog to a day at work to happy hour with friends.

Women’s Cami

We appreciate simple and functional products, and that’s exactly what we delivered in our new Women’s Cami. Breathability and comfort were our top goals, and this super-soft, ultra-lightweight layer aces both. It can be worn long to cover leggings or folded up for a shorter look. Wear it during the next summer outdoor yoga festival or on the hiking trail for a little extra coverage, under a flannel around the campfire, or beneath a light sweater as the perfect Merino wool base layer for travel.

These new products join our Women’s Frankie Tank Top, our Women’s Jovi Tank, Men's Journey Merino wool T-shirt  and our Women’s Natural Tencel & Merino Wool Pullover Hoodie in our full 2019 Spring / Summer collection.


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