Ridge Merino At Outdoor Retailer

Ridge Merino At Outdoor Retailer
It's the end of day 3 at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market here in Salt Lake City. We've had some great conversations, caught up with old friends and met some new ones. We had the opportunity to check out lots of awesome new gear and were introduced to some cool up-and-coming brands.       
We met with some of our trusted suppliers, where we've seen continued progress with sustainability and transparency in product sourcing. We saw firsthand the impact many outdoor associations are having in their efforts to protect the environment, educate about conservation and encourage more people to get outside. 
A specific bright spot for was the excitement we saw after previewing our new Fall Winter 16/17 Merino wool baselayers and a few enhancements to our existing products (coming soon)! 
We're inspired and energized by our time at OR and can't wait to show you what's coming next here at Ridge Merino.... stay tuned!     

"Outdoor recreation is no longer a 'nice to have,' it is now a “must have” as leaders across the country recognize the undeniable economic, social and health benefits of outdoor recreation." - Outdoor Industry Association


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