Top 10 Reasons We Can’t Wait to Make More Merino Wool Products for Women

Top 10 Reasons We Can’t Wait to Make More Merino Wool Products for Women

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Sixteen of the outdoor industry’s brightest and best women meeting for a weekend leadership retreat at a high alpine, backcountry hut? Of course wanted to be a part of something as rad as that. And so we jumped at the chance to sponsor the first-ever Wild Women’s Project.

Described as a "primordial soup of the next generation of ideas for the outdoors"—one part modern entrepreneur/leadership session, one part forward-thinking women’s retreat and one part outdoor industry summit, Wild Women’s Project is an invite-only alpine hut experience driven to challenge mind, body and soul of the amazing women in our outdoor community.

“Long conversations about sustainability and conservation. Newly discovered passion for a new sport you never thought you'd try. Diverse perspectives on what it means to be a woman in this industry today. Motivation to start new ventures. Newfound confidants. Lifelong friendships... But more than that, a tremendous allegiance for one another and our passions was harvested from a brief weekend hut trip and quickly became a catalyst for new momentums in our outdoor community." - Amanda Ciesielczyk, Founder Wild Women's Project

Inspired by these strong, empowered women, we compiled the Top 10 Reasons We Can't Wait to Make Even More Merino Wool Products For Women. We obviously don’t need to tell you why women are so incredible, but we’re going to anyways...   

  1. Women are building their own businesses, paving the path for new ideas and innovation.
  2. Women are using their strong voices for advocacy and public policy regarding environmental efforts, sustainability, conservation, climate change and public lands initiatives.
  3. Women embrace collaboration. They are mentoring one another, convening to lead together, and denouncing sexism - with the goal of lifting each other up so everyone succeeds, rather than competing for a single spot on a team or at work.
  4. Women are fearless - hucking the biggest lines and conquering first ascents, on their own and in the spotlight! 
  5. Women are passionate - making big decisions with confidence to drive real change, and encouraging others to do the same.
  6. Women are independent, like never before - traveling, living and embracing the most difficult emotional and physical challenges with triumph.
  7. Women push boundaries and standards of how and when they should be heard - challenging the norm of what a woman’s voice should and shouldn’t sound like.
  8. Women are asking questions about diversity and equality and stepping up as a voice and partner for all minorities in our outdoor community.
  9. Women are conquering it all, balancing a healthy life, personal goals, family and dreams like never before. 
  10. Women are tough, smart, creative and truly taking on the world!

If you’re interested in learning more about Wild Women’s Project, visit and sign-up for their next hut trip invite.

"What happens when you invite 16 of the outdoor community's spirited and ingenious women to a high-alpine backcountry hut for a weekend? Incredible things." - Amanda Ciesielczyk


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