Ridge Merino Launches Fall/Winter 2019 Collection

Winter 2019 Collection

The new Fall/Winter 2019 Merino wool clothing collection has arrived! Some highlights of the collection include new hoodies, compression tights, accessories as well as updated design features and colors in the Inversion and Aspect Series of Merino wool base layers.  

Merino wool is ideal for layering during the fall/winter, when conditions vary wildly - from brutally cold storms to high-altitude, sun-baked bluebird days. Merino naturally regulates body temperature, wicking sweat away from the body to keep the wearer dry and comfortable. When temperatures drop, the natural weave of the fiber traps body heat to insulate in cooler conditions.

“Our new products were intentionally designed with transition and flexibility in mind,” said Jeff Russell, president of Ridge Merino. “Using Merino wool, the gold standard of performance athletic apparel, we’ve enhanced several products by combining the all-natural fiber with advanced fabric options to provide another level of technical performance.” 

Two pieces — the Crowley Compression Merino Wool Tights and the Convict Merino Wool Hoodie — include Polartec® Power Wool™ fabric technology, a superior bi-component knit that features the best of both natural and synthetic fibers, with soft Merino wool next-to-skin and durable synthetic fibers on the outside. 

Crowley Compression Merino Wool Tight (Women’s)

As featured in the Outside Magazine 2020 Winter Buyer’s Guide, the Crowley Compression Merino Wool Tights are a high performance alternative to traditional synthetic tights or yoga pants. Ideal for winter running and long-distance hiking, the Crowley Tights are made from a new compression version of Polartec Power Wool and are designed, tested and sewn in the U.S.A. 

Convict Hoodie (Men’s/Women’s)

With backcountry travel in mind, the new Convict 1/2 Zip Pullover Hoodie was designed to offer a highly breathable and lightweight mid layer option. The grid construction of the fabric delivers incredible breathability that regulates the start-stop cycle in the backcountry. The air pockets provide the warmth needed when activity is lower and offer breathability during intense exertion. All of this performance weighs about as much as a standard t-shirt and compresses to take up very little space.

Aspect Merino Wool High Neck Top (Women’s)

A new addition to the Aspect Base Layer Series includes a high neck variation for women. Designed for winter sports, this Merino wool base layer top has a high neck to function as a neck gaiter when the weather turns. It is cut long, so it stays tucked in during high activity, and offers discreet thumbholes to keep the sleeves in place and disappear when they’re not needed.

Ridge Merino’s signature Inversion and Aspect Series of base layers land this season with a range of new colors and cuts. Additionally, a full zip version of Ridge Merino’s best-selling, 100 percent Merino wool Heist Merino Wool Jacket is also available for men and women.

Check out all the new arrivals here.


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